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YVFE2 series variable frequency speed control three phase asynchronous motors are powered by frequency converter. The electric motor speed is controlled and adjusted smoothly by changing power supply frequency. It can save energy and control automatically.

YVFE2 series have high efficiency, wide speed range, high precision, smooth running, easy operation and maintenance. The mounting dimensions meet IEC standard, Enclosure protection is IP54,55, SIworking duty. It can work with S3,S4 and S5 duty too.

The basic structure and installation method is B3,B5,B35. YVFE2 YVFE2 series are designed with rated voltage 380V, rated frequency50HZ, adjusted speed continuously within3-100HZ, 3-50HZrunning with constant torque and 50-100HZ running with constant power. Insulation system is Class F. If the pull-out torque is bigger than technical data in the catalog or YVFE2 series aresuitable for driving equipment of Steel-rolling, hoisting, transportation, lathes, printing and dyeing, papermaking, chemical, textile and pharmacy that need continuously and frequently positive and reverse rotation.

YVFE2 motor wiring, power of less than 55KW for"Y"connection, power over 55KW, for"△"connection.

Working conditions:


Frame sizes:H90-355

Rated Voltage:380V

Rated frequency:50Hz

Runing zone for constant torque:5~50Hz

Runing zone for constant power:50~100Hz

Insulation Class:F

Protection Class:IP54

Cooling Method:IC416

Altitude:No more than 1000m

Ambient temperature:-15℃to +40℃

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